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Nearly 400 teenage participants from schools across the Cape Peninsula left Jan van Riebeeck High School highly motivated and ready to achieve their full potential as they aspire to became the country’s future leaders.

Everyone involved in the Inspired Youth workshop in Cape Town on Saturday has given the event raving reviews after hearing insights from, and interacting with, half a dozen of the country’s highest profile role models.

“The youth will never get lost as long as this program is still here,’ commented Dylan Dimingi who gave the speakers, venue, duration and enjoyment factor of the workshop the top rating of five out of five.

Cuan Chelin, founder and CEO of the Super-Brands group of companies was the guest key note speaker who ignited his young audience while sharing what he has learned in building the Super-Brands Group. Other role-models who contributed their time and expertise to providing youngsters from every walk of life with an unforgettable experience included fitness guru Gordon Stevens, YouTube sensation Theodora Lee, teenage entrepreneur Vuyo Joboda, radio personality Khanya “Kyeezi” Siyengo, musician Jimmy Nevis and TV presenter and entertainer Katlego Maboe.

Presented by the UK based Greg Secker Foundation, the not-for profit organisation which is committed to positively improving the quality of life of young people around the world, the Inspired Youth events have been launched in South Africa by Pride Factor, the life-skills academy dedicated to inspiring young minds.

“We could not have been happier with the launch of the Greg Secker Foundation’s Inspired Youth programme in South Africa,” said Pride Factor MD Dene Botha, who hosted the workshop. “The turnout was exceptional, the speakers did an amazing job getting their message across and the positive energy in the audience was palpable. There are now 400 more ‘inspired youths’ in South Africa!”

Cuan Chelin was also sincerely thanked for his giving gesture of turning away the offered keynote speaker fee in order to bus in further disadvantaged children who were able to attend the workshop.

“This was such a remarkable initiative that I am so proud to have been a part of. It has inspired me to further seek out opportunities to help develop the youth in our country” commented Chelin after the event.

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