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Nothing gets little boys and girls more excited than a kingdom of toys and with an array of play things to choose from, the new Ballito toy store is a kids’ paradise.

Leesha Reddy, store manager at the brand new Toy Kingdom store at the Ballito Junction Regional Mall, says the look on children’s faces as they enter the store is “priceless”.

“The kids really are the best part of my day. Seeing their jaws drop as they walk in through the door is something else. We offer them a kingdom of toys in our stores and they are in awe right from the start. Their little faces just light-up,” Reddy says.  

Toy Kingdom Ballito officially opened its doors on Thursday, 23 March and the open day programme was packed with a range of festivities for the kids. The 415 square metre store is the second Toy Kingdom launched in the Durban region.

Toy Kingdom is Africa’s most loved toy store with 16 retail stores in South Africa, offering the latest and most recognised toy brands to families. Toy Kingdom brings together unrivalled quality toys, beautifully designed stores and friendly and knowledgeable staff who encourage children and parents to interact and play with the toys. Each store is designed not as a retail space but rather around the concept of play, creating a unique in-store experience of toadally charming fun.
What started as a single store with 8 employees in 2007 has grown into a multinational operation with multiple stores and more than 250 employees. For more information, visit  

“We had such a lovely day on launch-day, we had face painting for the kids, balloon artists and African drummers, the store was a hive of activity,” Reddy says.

Having spent eight years in a Build-A-Bear Workshop, Reddy is no stranger to kids’ stores. She explains that Toy Kingdom sees itself as a “fantasy wonderland” and “home to princes and princesses, noble knights and beautiful maidens.” Toy Kingdom stocks everything from Lego blocks, to toys for babies, as well as books, music and DVDs. Although each store is uniquely designed, clients are guaranteed to feel at home in every store.
“When kids walk into the store, we want to make each visit special by creating a little kingdom for them and an absolutely unique experience,” she says.  

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