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Hello Team,
I hope you all had a fantastic festive season and are feeling energised and motivated for 2016.
I would sincerely like to thank each and everyone of you for your personal contributions over the past year and I really hope that you have had an opportunity to learn, grow and develop with us. I am truly proud of what was accomplished in 2015, having achieved our listed objectives and coupled with a very decent set of financial results.
Our theme over the 2016 year will be that of “10x” as we focus our strategies and explore ideas on how we can grow each of our businesses to 10 times what they are today and in doing so create a number of opportunities for each and every person inside our group.
Toy Kingdom will continue to roll out more stores and capitalise on its now national footprint and wonderful team of people, together in pursuit of becoming Africa’s most loved toy retail chain.
Sportingbet will continue to forge ahead, capitalising on its increased signups, rapidly improving consumer confidence in transacting online, operating in a high growth market and making the move to localise our customer support team. We will also look to conclude a BEE deal this year and partner with like-minded investors to join us on our journey towards growing Africa’s largest online sports book.
HNA will look to collaborate further with the SAGA and their newly formed Golf RSA business as we explore opportunities to expand our services and offering to golfers across the country and possibly abroad.
It is an exciting time and an adventure that I look forward to having you join me on. The economic outlook may seem bleak and the country’s detractors loud, but I can assure you that we are fortunate and blessed to be sitting where we are today, with secure jobs in a growing business in a country full of opportunity; a landscape as richly beautiful as what we have, and a political situation that I am confident will be rectified in time.
Bring on the new year!
Yours faithfully,

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