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Toy Kingdom held their first annual Awards Ceremony last week. The honours were based on Toy Kingdom’s C-H-A-R-M-I-N-G vision, which seeks to incorporate the ideals of Customer, Honest, Action Results, Move, Innovate, No excuses, and Grow.

Voting spread across the entire company, from the stores to Head Office – with all members of the Toy Kingdom Team eligible to vote for who they thought represented the company best in these particular aspects.

List of winners:

Customer:      Dean Schouw, V&A Waterfront

Honest:         Albert Muronzi, Centurion

Action:          Albert Muronzi, Centurion and

                       Kalvin Kodzwa, Sandton

Results:         Izelna Kotze, Head Office

Move:           Mpumelelo Memani, Canal Walk

Innovate:      Chantal Weeder, Blue Route

No excuses:   Dean Schouw, V&A Waterfront

Grow:            Shavron Bedien, Head Office


“The winners announced are a true representation of what we stand for and don’t only embody our eight values whole-heartedly, but also go above and beyond to set the bar for what each of us should strive for,” added Grant Webster, Toy Kingdom COO.

We congratulate everyone in the team for all their efforts this past year and hope that the Toy Kingdom charm continues as we strive to be the best we can be.

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